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Audiovisual Services
Movie Projector Rental

Projector Rentals

At Best Rents, Inc. we carry 3000, 4000, 6000, and 12000-lumen projectors.  We stock HD and UHD projectors with 1080P and 2160P resolution.  Contact us today to receive a price quote for your projector and audiovisual needs. 


Before ordering your projector,  know your room or area lighting and available throw distance (the distance or space between the projector and the projection screen). Higher lumen rating and contrast ratio on a projector will help it compete better against ambient room lighting.  To create a 7-foot wide image you may need as much as 10 feet of throw distance.  If you have very limited space, order a short or ultra-short throw projector which greatly reduces the required throw distance.

Projectors and Audio Visual Rentals - Parties
Projection Screen Rentals

Projection Screen Rentals

We carry projection screens from 6 to 10 feet wide which can be used for small to large events.  Although most screens carried are made for indoor installations, a few that can be used for outdoor installations as well.  Always indicate what the purpose of your needs are and whether it is an indoor or outdoor setting so that we may provide you with the best suitable equipment.

Audio Visual Rentals - Conferences
Audio Speaker Rentals

Audio Speaker Rentals

We carry QSC and JBL pro audio speakers and subwoofers.  These speakers can be used for meetings,  weddings, parties, and many other special events.  When ordering, please specify the type of event you are holding and the expected number of people that will be in attendance.  Also be sure to indicate whether the event is being held indoors or outdoors.  We also carry microphones, mixers, lighting and other audiovisual equipment to complete your requirements.

Audio Visual Rentals - Training Seminars
Microphone PA Rentals

Microphone Rentals and More

At Best Rents, Inc., we rent wired and wireless microphones.  Microphones carried include lavalieres, handheld mics, push-to-talk microphones, and boundary mics.  Complete your audio package by combining your microphone rental with audio mixers and pro audio speakers.  Call or Email us today to reserve your audio equipment rental for your next meeting or special event.  Specify quantity, microphone type, and mobility requirements when placing your microphone order. 

Audio Visual Rentals - Meetings
Speaker Rentals
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